New line of Midland intercoms: live an unprecedented audio experience

17 May 2022

Are you ready to live an exciting new season on the bike? This year we decided to develop two new intercoms designed to make the experience on two wheels more engaging and enjoyable.

We are talking about Rush RCF and BTR1 Advanced, available soon on our website. 

These two new intercoms will complete the BT Pro line supporting the following models: 

  • BTX2 Pro S LR - the perfect intercom for group conversations with 23 hours autonomy and a range of action up to 1.6 km.

  • BTX1 Pro S - the best intercom for 4 people communicating up to 800 meters.

  • BT Mini - Bluetooth intercom one to one for motorcyclists, easy to install and simple to use


Rush RCF 

The new Rush RCF intercom, thanks to an advanced audio system and Mesh technology, is now the most complete and innovative Midland intercom in the range. 

The refined design, the Magic Lock magnetic support guarantees the strength, the long battery life (15 hours in Mesh mode and 23 hours in Bluetooth mode), and the possibility of listening to music in background make this model the ideal companion for any journey.  Moreover there's full compatibility with TFT connectivity and control systems into the dashboards of many motorcycle models (BMW, Honda, Ducati, etc.). 

The real strength of this top-of-the-range intercom, however, remains the audio experience: in fact, thanks to the collaboration with one of the best Italian audio systems (RCF), this product guarantees high quality audio directly into your helmet. These are the main features: 

  • More defined bass, thanks to the adoption of a new custom speaker, driven by power and processing

  • A greater understanding of speech: 50% more intelligibility in noisy conditions

  • Professional sound, obtained through the use of a Digital Sound Processor (DSP), optimized for a perfect extension in low frequency and general linearity of the audio signal

  • 40mm round speakers with PEEK membrane designed to support maximum clarity and definition of sound

  • Earcups that improve sound performance and low-frequency perception thanks to the memory foam heart and the Protein Leather lining

  • 'Digital Noise Killer' and 'Noise Gate' functions reduce background noise by up to 80% 

Compared to the previous model (BT Rush), this intercom also has the CVP (Crystal Voice Processing) function, thanks to which the voice is clear and powerful. 


Rush RCF.jpg

If you're wondering what range the RCF Rush supports, here are some facts:

  • With the Mesh Dynamic Repeat you can communicate in 6 people in communication and 99 listening, up to 3.5 km 

  • 10 people in communication and 99 listening up to 1.4 km with Mesh Conference 

  • One to One Bluetooth mode  is perfect for 4 people in communication up to 500 m


BTR1 Advanced

If you are looking for a new intercom model that has the best quality/price ratio the BTR1 Advanced is for you. 

Thanks to a new technology, this intercom allows 4 people to communicate one to one, up to 1.2 km away in Conference mode.

Again, the sound system has been designed and developed by the RCF brand, and for that the sound quality is one of the key features of this product. The BTR1 Advanced also shares the same design and ergonomics with the top-of-the-range Rush RCF model. 

The technological heart of the BTR1 Advanced allows the connection with 2 smartphones, listening to incoming messages from GPS navigators, and to dialogue with the main connectivity and control systems of the latest generation TFT display.

Other important features are to combine intercoms of other brands, the presence of FM radio with RDS and digital radio via BT Pro Set App, the Digital Noise Killer that reduces background noise and 23 hours of battery life. 

BTR1 Adv.jpg

If you still have some doubts about which intercom best reflects your needs, consult our catalog and do not miss the opportunity to have one of the newest and most technologically advanced models.