Midland: the italian excellence of the moving communication

5 June 2020
Midland: the italian excellence of the moving communication

In a present and towards a future where the keyword is being connected, Midland Vice President and Sales & Marketing manager Gabriele Torreggiani explained to the friends of Discovery Endual the meaning behind the leitmotif Moving Communication. After establishing on the Italian and European market as a hi-quality company, known for its technological research, reliability, and innovation in the field of radio communication (CB radio and walkie-talkie), Midland has started its increasingly focused journey on the motorcycle segment with the innovative lines of intercoms

Midland intercoms provide comfort and versatility to motorcyclists, satisfying their communication needs during the journey in order to: 

  • communicate with their passenger or partner of adventures to share the emotions of the road trip;

  • give and receive service or security information related to travel;

  • listen to their favorite playlist;

  • follow the route by connecting to the GPS of their smartphone.

The product of this segment that best represents Midland is the BTX1. Born as entry-level, the BTX1 has risen the market by increasing the technological level of its performance to become the intercom that fully meets the needs of the average motorcyclist both in terms of functionality that in terms of convenience and ease of use. 

What is in the future of motorcycle communication? 

The growing desire and need for connectivity will bring intercom technology closer to the smartphone world. Midland today is filling the gap thanks to the BT Talk app, a free application that exploits the phone technology to break barriers and distances by communicating on motorcycles with different intercoms in each part of the world, with no distance limits.

Watch the full interview with Gabriele Torreggiani here: https://bit.ly/Interview_GT Discover the Midland intercoms here: https://www.midlandeurope.com/en/c/products/intercoms-224.html