Midland Led Headlights: Increase Your Motorcycle Safety

25 May 2023

Are you a motorcyclist looking for a device to enhance visibility and safety on the road? For years, we at Midland have been supporting motorcyclists, not only through the production of motorcycle intercoms but also by creating functional accessories to improve the riding experience.

We have taken into account the needs of every motorcyclist, who often travels long distances at night or in low-visibility conditions (mountainous terrain, forests, etc.). That's why our efforts have focused on developing a new product: the Midland Led Headlights, functional auxiliary LED lights that are universal, approved, and increase the safety and visibility of your lighting system in all weather conditions.

Key Features of Midland Led Headlights

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The new Midland Led Headlights, in addition to having all the characteristics that define a quality accessory, are designed to help motorcyclists increase visibility and, consequently, safety in any weather condition. The LED technology headlights ensure maximum lighting performance (60W) and are suitable even for small-sized motorcycles

The new Midland Led Headlights are designed to withstand water, rust, and dust, thanks to the exclusive structure made of black anodized aluminum and the IP68 certification.

The auxiliary lights can be directly connected to the battery using the included cables and installed on motorcycle handlebars with tube diameters ranging from 22 to 32 millimeters.

We understand how much motorcyclists value image and elegance, which is why the new Midland Led Headlights have an exclusive design that enhances the look of every motorcycle.

The new Midland Led Headlights are easy to install, but in terms of safety and road regulations, remember to adjust the beam of light so as not to blind oncoming vehicles. Midland disclaims any responsibility for improper installation.

Technical Specifications of Midland Led Headlights

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  • Installable on any part of the crash bars (equipped with attachments on all four sides)

  • IP68 waterproof certification

  • 6000-lumen LED light

  • Power: 60W (30Wx2)

  • Wiring with On/Off/Pass (flashing) switch

  • Power supply: 12-16V

  • Dual-beam of yellow or white light

  • Weight: 714g

  • Dimensions: 66x55x48

What's Included in the Package

Inside the package of Midland Led Headlights, you will find:

  • two Midland Led Headlights LED lights

  • one switch

  • two brackets for handlebars

  • two adapters for handlebars

  • one Allen key

  • cable ties

  • specific wiring with management unit

If you're looking for a motorcycle accessory that guarantees increased visibility and safety on your journey, purchase the Midland Led Headlights now: the LED lights are designed to provide you with better visibility in every situation and weather condition.