Midland and Caberg: an excellent partnership for motorcycle enthusiasts

11 May 2023

Great news for all bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. The Midland staff is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Caberg, a union of two Made in Italy excellences.

The Midland Pro Speaker Evo is born: the first Made in Italy intercom system that preserves the design of Caberg helmets. Research and development of high-performance solutions designed to meet the real needs of motorcyclists are the key elements of this important project. The Midland Pro Speaker Evo is a 100% Made in Italy product and as such is synonymous with quality and a guarantee for all motorcycle lovers.

For this reason, the goal of the partnership with Caberg is to provide every motorcyclist with a high-level experience in terms of safety and communication.

Caberg: the Italian helmet since 1974

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The historic company from Bergamo boasts nearly 50 years of experience in producing helmets for motorcyclists. The undisputed strength is the production of intelligent helmets, combining aesthetics and functionality. Caberg was the first Italian company, and second worldwide, to introduce the flip-up helmet on the market, strongly believing in the potential growth of the Touring market.

A constant focus on the future and the development of innovative design and technology have allowed the creation of numerous successful models, with unique solutions that are acclaimed among motorcyclists worldwide.

Midland Bikers: a constantly growing community

For over 60 years, Midland has been producing high-performance tools for those who need to communicate on the move. Starting from the enormous success of CB radios for truck drivers, campers, and off-road enthusiasts, Midland entered the motorcycle market by introducing the first line of motorcycle intercoms in 2008.

Over the past 15 years, the commitment has been to improve the audio performance, usability, connectivity, and technology of motorcycle intercoms to offer every enthusiast high-quality performance.

Midland Pro Speaker Evo

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Midland Pro Speaker Evo is a product designed and made in Italy and is therefore synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability. All of this, of course, without sacrificing high-performance communication. The Midland Pro Speaker Evo is a device compatible with all Caberg branded helmets, specifically:

  • Levo X

  • Horus X

  • Duke Evo

  • Duke X

  • Tourmax X

  • Drift Evo

  • Avalon X

  • Riviera V4 X

  • Flyon II

The Midland Pro Speaker Evo, approved and compliant with the new ECE 22.06 regulations, is the all-in-one intercom designed for pilot-passenger conversations, with a range of up to 200 meters in full duplex mode, with digital quality and a DSP system for noise suppression.

Midland Pro Speaker Evo: functions and use

The universal intercom functionality allows communication with intercoms of any brand, while the integrated connectivity functions allow the Pro Speaker Evo intercom to connect to smartphones for making and receiving calls, and to GPS or multimedia display for navigation systems.

The Midland Pro Speaker Evo is also compatible with integrated connectivity and control systems of major motorcycle brands (BMW, KTM, Ducati, etc.).

It is a simple and intuitive product thanks to the presence of only two multifunction buttons. Easy to install, the Midland Pro Speaker Evo has a battery life of eight hours, making it easily usable even during long journeys without the need for recharging. The intercom can be charged via a USB-C cable (included in the box) for a maximum duration of only two hours.

On the Caberg website, it is possible to install and update the Midland Pro Speaker Evo intercom with a quick click directly from a PC. (Visit the website to get the setup link)

The testimony of Virginia Capelli, CEO of Caberg

Being able to collaborate with a professional and Italian company like Midland has been a great opportunity for our company. The continuous contact between our technicians and Midland technicians has allowed us to market a versatile and practical product to enable our customers to communicate safely during their travels! We are confident that this is the first step of a new collaboration that will allow us to offer further safe and easy-to-use products to all motorcyclists in the coming years.

The comment of Gabriele Torreggiani, Vice President of Midland

In recent years, we have worked closely with Caberg technicians, with the sole objective of allowing motorcyclists around the world to fully enjoy the joy of "communicating" during safe and comfortable driving. Together, we will provide a better ride experience for all motorcyclists by responding to the need for increasingly cross-cutting and open communication, without compromising and without technological limits.