Midland: a brand on the move

14 February 2023
Catalogo 2023

Today more than ever, we know how fast the desire to connect, find information and communicate is. This is why we talk about us using the claim "MovingCommunication". The Midland brand was born to meet this need: to make users live a dream flowing on the radio frequencies.

It was 64 years ago when, starting from a small factory in Kansas City, Midland gradually established itself on the world as a technology leader of innovative solutions for the the real of human being: communication.

For over 60 years Midland has accompanied generations of professionals and enthusiasts. Iconic products, such as the Alan 48 and Alan 68, have survived generational changes and are now stronger, more appreciated, and more alive than ever.

These and other products become mean for new generations of Midland users and fans.

Moving Communication since 1959

Communication is a necessity, but most of all it is a passion and a compulsion. Communicating well is a right! This is why the Midland brand has always believed in the expertise of its technology department, a laboratory where technical experts design, create and produce reliable products to communicate in any situation.

Our wide range of products meet the needs of a variety of users: from the truck driver looking for traffic information, to the motorcyclist traveling with fellow partners to the outdoor enthusiast who needs safety and rescue during his adventures.

To cater to so many different travelers, it is essential to continually seek new technological solutions. Professionals, researchers, engineers, consultants, firmware and hardware designers with years of experience in communications follow the entire design and line development process and work every day to make our products more efficient and affordable.

Our history

Over these 64 years, our brand has worked to make reliable, high-performance products that enable our users to communicate even in extreme conditions. This is why we have achieved many milestones over the years that we are particularly proud of. Let us look back at them together:

  • 1977 - the first certified CB radio in the European market is made

  • 1998 - Midland makes the first LPD walkie talkie in the world

  • 2008 - the first motorcycle-to-motorcycle intercom in the world is made

  • 2013 - Midland makes its first action cam with wi-fi remote control

  • 2016 - BT Talk, the first app that breaks the boundaries in communication between motorcyclists, is born 

  • 2018 - the first digital CB microphone is made

  • 2019 - CB Talk is born: the App that encompasses the largest driver community with over 500,000 downloads in 1 year

  • 2020 - 1st handsfree kit for CB

  • 2021 - G9 Pro walkie-talkie is awarded the Red Dot Award 

  • 2022 - Midland website is awarded E-commerce user experience by 4eCom.

Our partnerships through time

Over the past few years, we have established strong and lasting collaborations with distinguished partners.

Midland boasts the collaboration of the prestigious VR46 Riders Academy and Moto3 champion Johann Zarco: the provision of communication products, which are useful not only during training but also in the private lives of the riders, has allowed us to work alongside these champions as a technology partner and test new features of intercoms and radios.

Other collaborations such as with Rete Radio Montana, RCF or Caberg have given us the opportunity not only to draw up high-level partnerships, but to evolve our products and make them more usable and efficient.

2023 Catalog

Once again this year, our commitment will be to meet the needs of the younger generation with the care and attention that has characterized the Midland brand for more than 60 years.  

If you are curious about what's new, explore the new Midland 2023 product catalog now.