Mat Corrado: passion for the outdoor

28 October 2020
Mat Corrado: passione sfrenata per la vita outdoor

Midland friends, here another interview for our series Midland Lovers... Today we’re talking about outdoor, passion for travel, trekking and we’d love to introduce you to Matteo Corrado, a young and passionate influencer born and raised in Milan, Italy in love with travel, video, mountain and adventure! Hello Mat, first of all thanks for giving us this interview! Let's start from the beginning: who is Matteo and when did he decide to become @matcorrado? 

“Hello Guys, it's a pleasure for me too! Matteo is a 28-year-old guy who lives in Milan (let’s say he’s just a resident and that's it) and for the rest of his timo is always exploring around. I unexpectedly became Matcorrado as I first used my social media as a sort of a personal diary, almost to remind me of all the places I visited or the experiences I made. After a while, things changed and many Outdoor and Action Sports fans started following me and appreciate what I share.”

When and how did your Outdoor passion begin?

“My passion was born from the desire to get away from the city, I was fed up with daily traffic and people always in a hurry and so in my free time I started moving up to get to beautiful places.”

Sea, mountains, city... What is your favorite environment and how do you organize your trips? 

“Excluding the city, it’s very hard to decide, both settings have many things I love. I usually prefer the mountain because it relaxes me and makes me feel good. The sea on the other hand is my choice when I'm looking for adrenaline, riding the waves an experience everyone should have.” How did your passion for travel start and why did you choose Midland?

“My passion for travel is on my Mom. She always drove the whole family out for some explorations. Midland is the best choice! Best products on the market for the outdoors, and you know, when you find yourself alone in remote locations you only want the top equipment for your safety.”

Which Midland product do you think every outdoor lover should always have with him?

“There are different Midland products I use, but the one I prefer is the Midland ER310 Emergency. Whether it is a walk in the countryside or a mountain climb I always have it with me: safety first!”

How does Midland help you experience your Outdoor Dream? 

“Midland immediately gave me confidence, so I get to test the products daily and push them to their maximum level of performance (like the adventure of 24H alone in a tent above a mountain at 1500 mt)”

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