Influencer Day: a day of training and fun at Midland home

1 April 2022

Last March 24th, we invited 4 of our most trusted ambassadors at our headquarters to meet them and share ideas and strategies for the new year together. 

During the day, the influencers had the opportunity to visit our headquarters, get to know the staff and discover the new product lines that will be released in 2022. 

It’s important for ambassadors to know our products very well, that’s why each of them was followed and trained by specialized technicians who had the opportunity to show all the characteristics and functions of radios. 

Inlfuencer day 3.png

Our Ambassadors

The 4 guys who attended the day and who have been working with us for years are Claudia, Camilla, Riccardo and Elisa. 

  • Camilla Cassandro, the blonde with a rock soul, sporty, mother and Donnavventura. Her passion for the outdoor (bike, ski, trekking etc.) starts from the desire to escape from the chaos of the city. Our walkie-talkies are now part of Camilla's adventures that needs an easy and fast way to communicate with her son Leo in complete safety. Read the interview with Camilla!

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  • Claudia Farina, aka Girlgonebiker, is a young motorcyclist who loves to share her two wheels passion with her community. Claudia is determined, not afraid to pursue her dreams and loves that feeling of life that runs through veins when she’s riding her motorcycle. Claudia has been using our intercoms for years now and knows all its functions by heart. Learn more about Claudia

Claudia inlfuencer day.JPG

  • Elisa Perrone is a young hunter who, after so many sacrifices, managed to live her dream. For Elisa, security and communication with her companions during hunting trips is essential, which is why she chose our walkie talkies. Discover the whole story of Elisa 

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  • Riccardo Luppi, aka Riko Airsoft, a boy from Ferrara who loves design and has been passionate about Softair for years. Since he bought his first G7 Pro radio (and as Riko says “which Softgunner never had it?”) Riccardo fell in love with our walkie talkies, so much to test them over the years together with earphones and microphones. Discover where born Riko passion softair 

Riko influencer day 1.png

The contribution of enthusiasts

Midland has been investing in research and development in order to improve the quality and usability of its products. For this reason the work and participation of the ambassadors was essential to collect reviews and advice on how to improve the radios. Claudia, Camilla, Riccardo and Elisa, as motorcyclists, outdoor lovers, softairists and hunters, have collected and brought questions, curiosities, opinions and above all needs of their followers in order to carry out a synergistic work with our team with a view to improving. 

The 4 boys were excited to get to know our reality: in fact, there was no lack of moments of fun and sharing, all with a strong atmosphere of professionalism and family that will be a great stimulus for future projects!

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