Giuseppe, aka Scandalo: a passion for CB radios that lasts over 16 years

21 October 2020
Giuseppe, aka Scandalo: a passion for CB radios that lasts over 16 years

After the success of CB Talk, the app with more than 1 million downloads worldwide and that allows communication without distance limits, we decided to give voice to the ones actively part of the CB community: Giuseppe, AKA Scandalo, truck driver for 16 years, CB lover and driving enthusiast.

How long have you been working as a truck driver?

“Since I was a child, I always liked heavy vehicles, I was fascinated by the supermen who drove those beasts.” 

If I tell you “Midland,” what comes to your mind? 

“I instantly think about my experience with CB Talk and also with your staff: fantastic people always available for anything.“

Do you use the CB Radio?

“I use the CB Radio a lot because in our company we manage the loading/unloading traffic via CB on channel 14 and then I use it during my trips to stay up to date about traffic information.“

When did your passion for CB Radios started?

The passion for CBs comes natural while driving because you need some company during the trip. In the last few years the CB has no longer been used for longer chats, but only for service communications. I instantly liked CB TALK because on these channels we chat just to keep in touch with other people: I can say I found a real family.”

Have you ever heard of Dual Mike?

“Dual Mike is known on CB Talk. I bought it, and I can't be it without it anymore. It's handy and it makes the experience of modulation unique.”

I know you're part of a group called Italia 08 or maybe is that a secret? Can you explain what it is?

“Yes, I am part of the ITA 08 family, one of the channels of the CB TALK App. From the very beginning I felt part of this channel, they welcomed me as a brother and in the same way I try to welcome new users. Right from the start we self-ruled ourselves trying to admonish improper behavior that didn't allow a conversation to be made, then we created a private group on Facebook where we post photos of our meetings around the world. We also had a first lunch all together to know each-other better and this was the real deal! Thanks to CB Talk so many beautiful friendships were born.“

With CB Talk, truckers are able to use the smartphone 3G and 4G data network to talk freely to whoever they want without distance limits.

Today, thanks to the CB Talk app, it's really easy to make friends and share travel information with colleagues or fellow drivers. This connection is amplified by the Dual Mike microphone: the old CB finally has the chance to be recovered from the attics thanks to a modern and technological accessory. Dual Mike becomes a hands-free kit for your phone.