Gibba Metal Detective: on a mission with Midland walkie talkies

17 March 2022
News Gibba Metal Detective

Paolo Campanardi, aka Gibba, will be a Midland Partner for the second year to rely on our radios during his missions. Gibba is an Italian metal detectorist who loves to search for military finds and treasures from the past. You can follow his adventures on the  Discovery+ and DMAX Italia TV show “Metal Detective'' in the second half of April. 

The radio communication 

Gibba has a strong passion for adventure and mystery, that’s why he explores extreme places to find deeply buried treasures. During his missions, he needs easy and quick communication with his team. Thanks to Midland walkie-talkies, the metal detectorist is always in touch with his traveling companions, even in places where mobile phones have no signal. 

Gibba 1.jpg

Gibba uses walkie-talkies not only during his missions, but also on set in order to manage the behind the scenes sessions at best. Watch Gibba's video during the shoot:  

Who’s Gibba? 

Adventure, investigation, history and nature are the key words to describe Gibba. But who is Gibba? Paolo Campanardi lives in a town on Lake Garda, he runs a high mountain refuge and he’s a historical guide. Paolo is passionate about recovering historical objects belonging to soldiers who fought in the First and Second World War. 

Always with his metal detector, Paolo loves to explore places where important war events took place, looking for traces to find buried treasures. From the Dolomites to Lake Garda, it's amazing how many military finds can be found below the surface. 

Gibba 2.jpg

If you want to follow Gibba's adventures and learn the story in a different way, don't miss the new episodes of “Metal Detective” on Discovery+ and DMAX Italia, and live the best moments on his Instagram profile