Extreme passion for nature: here is Camilla, the rock blonde!

9 September 2021
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Welcome back Midland Followers to the articles dedicated to our ambassadors! Today we are pleased to introduce you to the fantastic Camilla Cassandro. The blonde with a rock soul (as she likes to call herself) is a traveler, a sportswoman, a mother, a Donnavventura, and a lover of life and nature.

Hi Camilla! First of all, thank you for giving us this interview. Who's hiding behind @camillacassandro?

Hi guys, it's a pleasure! No one's hiding behind @camillacassandro. I'm the one you see: a mum and the girl-next-door type who loves sports, nature, and thrill. They called me “the blonde with a rock soul.”


When and how did your passion for the outdoors start?

I have been an athlete since I was born. I have played various sports at a competitive level, and my passion for the outdoors begins from the desire to escape from the chaos of the city and carve out my spaces, looking for places that are always new and special.

Where did the idea of the fantastic bike trip with your little one come from?

It came from my good crazy will of pursuing something new, different in order to go further. Originally, it wanted to be a non-stop personal challenge: going from my hometown Padova to La Thuile, Val D'Aosta in less than 48 hours just with my bicycle.

Then I said to myself: “Why not have this wonderful experience with my son?” To me, Leonardo is a plus, he is precious and this journey without him would not have been the same. Children from an early age need genuine inputs and they need to know their surroundings. By the way, the profits from the trip have been entirely donated to the Braccio di Ferro charity which deals with children suffering from cancer problems.


Why did you choose Midland for your trip?

Midland is a guarantee. Since my son Leonardo sat for a long time in the chariot drawn by me, we needed, first of all, an easy, fast, and super fun way to communicate. Last but not least facing such a strong and difficult journey wouldn't be that simple without the ER35 emergency kit. It was perfect for our needs and seemed tailored for the two of us.

Which Midland product do you think every outdoor enthusiast should always have?

Midland ER300 of course: safety first!

Do you want to get to know Camilla's Instagram adventures up close?

Follow her: www.instagram.com/camillacassandro