Emergency solutions: Midland Emergency product line!

20 August 2020
Emergency solutions: Midland Emergency product line!

To cope with the particular historical moment that, for 6 months now, has been affecting us globally, Midland has created a line of ad-hoc emergency products to tackle safely Alarm moments such as the one related to the COVID-19. For years we focused our business on providing people with the best communication support. Today, thanks to the special Emergency Solutions line, we offer support not only in terms of communication security but also in terms of health.

It's right in our corporate DNA: facilitating communication on the go, especially in emergency situations. This is why we have made available our skills and experience of more than 60 years in communication by providing Walkie Talkie to the agencies involved in the front line: Civil ProtectionItalian Red Cross, and health care workers. This is Midland!

That’s why we have realized a product line useful to address moments of emergency containing:

  • Disposable vinyl gloves 

  • FFP2 filter mask

  • Infrared thermometer

  • Three-layer disposable surgical type mask

  • Germicidal ultraviolet LED lamp

Emergency Solutions is a complete package, including all products useful for emergency situations, thanks to which communication and health security can coexist. 

Safety, in fact, is important, not only during particular historical times but also during outdoor adventures, camping, off-road trips, or simply inside the walls of your home. That's the reason why we created the ER300, a 360° useful tool thanks to its multiple functions designed for moments of small or large emergencies.

Thanks to its versatility and many features, the ER300 device is the best ally in extreme situations where it is essential to keep informed and in constant contact. It has never been easier to charge portable devices such as tablets, smartphones, action cameras, cameras, interphones and at the same time have a light, compact, and easily transportable radio thanks to the practical integrated handle. 

Here are all the features of the Midland ER300:

  • Powerbank with a USB output and included charging cable

  • AM/FM receiver with pull-out antenna

  • Led torch with SOS function

  • Ultrasonic recall for dogs

  • Digital watch

You can also charge ER300 in 3 different and convenient modes thanks to the dynamo on the back of the product that allows manual charging, thanks to the solar panel that recharges the internal Li‐Ion battery 2000mAh or simply with the help of rechargeable batteries.

The internal battery ensures up to 25 hours in normal conditions, the LCD display shows the functions activated and the level of charge and the LED flashlight can also act as a Morse code SOS activable. The ER300 can also charge your smartphone in 4 different ways: Exploiting the internal 2000mAh lithium battery

  • Manually thanks to a dynamo on the back of the device

  • Using the solar-powered panel mounted at the top of the product

  • Through 6 x AA batteries (optional)