EK30 and EK35: safety kits for two-wheeled hikers

18 November 2021

Are you a motorcyclist who loves discovering little-traveled paths and prefers them to the classic roads?

Riding out of the classic tourist itineraries can be fun and stimulating, but sometimes also dangerous. That's why we at Midland decided to dedicate two safety kits to our motorcycle community: EK30 and EK35.

Thanks to these products you can stay in touch even in an emergency situation and live your adventure safely.


The EK35 is the most complete of the two kits: 

  • 2 XT30 Walkie Talkies

  • A versatile ER300 powerbank

  • A double set of rechargeable AAA batteries

  • 4 thermal blankets

  • various connection cables

All this is in a compact and soft case.

Thanks to the 5 hours of autonomy walkie talkies, you can communicate up to a distance of 6 km and keep in touch with other travelers constantly.

The powerful ER300 power bank will allow you to recharge your smartphone or other devices in any condition. This device also has features that make it essential in times of emergency: the LED flashlight, the AM/FM radio receiver, the possibility of recharging the internal battery also manually with dynamo.

Thanks to the thermal blankets you will always be protected from the cold and you can report your position over a long distance thanks to the solar reflection. 

 “The only Emergency Kit that makes me feel safe in any of my adventures, whether it's with my son or friends! Practical, simple, light!” 

Camilla Cassandro - Donnavventura


The EK30 is a lighter and recommended kit for those who love weekend excursions and choose to move on a motorcycle with light and easily transportable luggage even for many hours on their shoulders. 


This kit contains:

  • a pair of XT30 walkie talkies

  • an emergency whistle equipped with a compass and a lanyard to be tied to the neck

  • a powerful aluminum flashlight with belt/pocket clip

  • a set of six rechargeable AAA batteries. 

 The XT30 walkie talkie concentrates in a “pocket” space and featherweight what it takes to communicate up to 6 km away. In addition, thanks to the multifunction whistle, you can produce a sound capable of reaching great distances.


Add these emergency kits to your luggage and live your adventures on two wheels safely!