Donnavventura and Midland traveling together since 2003

10 July 2020
Donnavventura and Midland traveling together since 2003

Also this year Midland is proud to support the travels of the wonderful Donnavventura team, as the official supplier of vehicular and portable transceivers, essential for reliable and continuous communication during their trips.

We know how important it is to maintain high-level communication without limits or barriers even in impervious conditions: in the mountains, in the middle of the sea or where the simple telephone connection comes down, the walkie-talkie and Midland transceivers are necessary and useful tools for every traveler and outdoor enthusiast!

Also, this summer has restarted the fantastic Donnavventura trip! The team will explore this year our dear Italy which, after stopping for a few months following the COVID pandemic, has welcomed and re-embraced the female travelers ready to show the public its most beautiful places.

This 2020 Donnavventura TV edition is about showing the beauty of the Italian territory in order to share suggestions and tips to spend holidays in such a peculiar summer.

From camping to the boat, from camper to trekking to bike routes: you can find the solution for all tastes and reach everyone. 

These are the perfect destinations to communicate through Midland devices! Yes, because the caravan lover, the outdoor and trekking enthusiast, the traveling motorcyclist are linked by a common necessity: communicate efficiently during their travels.

In this context, the collaboration between Midland and Donnavventura was born, when in 2003 the editorial staff made that leap of quality given by the realization of the Gran Ride, trips to the most impervious places of the World that needed 100% reliable communication. 

The range of walkie-talkies, transceiver, and CB radios have become the inseparable travel companions of the well-known television broadcast, marking an important collaboration that now lasts almost ten years.