Digital Radio on BTPro SetApp: more than 30,000 radio stations on your intercom

29 March 2022
NEWS radio digitale

Great news for all bikers who use our intercoms: digital radio is now available on BTPro SetApp also for the BTX2 Pro S LR and the BTX1 Pro S models. Thanks to this new section, you can listen to the best radio stations from more than 150 countries in high quality. 

During motor trips, there's someone who wants to sing his favorite soundtrack and someone who wants to receive world news. That's why we decided to make FM radio available to everyone through BTPro SetApp. With all intercom models, through the app you can access more than 30,000 radio stations at any time. 

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How to access digital radio

First of all, to be able to listen to the radio through your smartphone, you need to download the app BTPro SetAPP. Once the intercom is connected to the app, you can access the “Digital Radio” section.

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Within this section, you can choose your favorite radio station and listen to live streaming music during your trip. Thanks to a simple interface, you can also search for radio stations based on your location or selected country, filter results by favorite genre or add radio stations to your favorites list. 

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Distance will no longer be a problem: in fact, you can listen to the best Italian radio stations even when you are abroad in maximum security, by turning the radio on and off or browsing among your favorite stations directly through the intercom. 

If you are used to using other apps during your trip, for example the navigator, you won't have to give up the radio because it will be possible to listen to it in “background” mode

FM-World partnership 

The “Digital Radio” section was born from the collaboration between Midland and FM-World (22hbg), a radio stations benchmark since 1998 in Italy. We are talking about a complete ecosystem that lives around Radio, its technological developments and the most important online community of radio listeners and insiders. 

FM-World is also an important national online newspaper dedicated to the Radio world, with thousands of podcast readers and listeners every day. It is one of the most downloaded Apps in Italy to listen to the Radio on every device type in Italy. 

Doesn't your new intercom have a built-in radio? Don’t worry: download BTPro SetApp and listen to your favorite radio stations without distance limits for a limitless in-helmet radio experience!