Davide Pizzoli: the passion for the two wheels becomes a racing dream!

11 November 2020
Davide Pizzoli: the passion for the two wheels becomes a racing dream!

Midland bikers and friends! Here another episode to discover the Midland Influencer. Today's interview is by Davide Pizzoli: a young MotoGP 3 champion who turned his motorcycle passion into a real job.

Hello Jannis and Vale, thank you first for giving us this interview! Let's start from the beginning: Who’s Davide and who's hidden behind this Champion?

Hello! Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I'm just a guy from Rome, a motorbike enthusiast good at shifting gears!

When did your passion become a job?

Honestly, when it turned into a job I didn't notice! I'm joking... year after year you notice that it gets more and more serious and needs more and more time.

What’s your favorite moment of a race?

My favorite moment in a race is when there is a strong tussle! We are all grouped together and we get it on, filing tenths of a second!

Why did you choose Midland?

I chose Midland because when you're at a high level of career you must go with the top players, so I focused on a cutting-edge brand like Midland.

Which Midland product do you think every biker should always have with him/her?I totally recommend the Midland Bike Guardian dashcam to all the bikers out there!

How does Midland help you live your biker Dream?

Midland helps you live and relive your motorbike passion any time, thanks to its latest generation products applicable on your helmet and dashcam to record everything. It is also a good product to use on the track to see and study race trajectories!

Wanna know more about Davide Pizzoli on Instagram?Follow them here: https://www.instagram.com/davide_pizzoli