A real concert inside the helmet: the evolution of audio in Midland

8 September 2022
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The intercom has now become an essential tool for all bikers. Listening to music or radio, talking to your companions or following the directions of the navigator while traveling is now a comfort that no lover of two wheels can give up.

To make this experience even more enjoyable, our team has studied and worked to increase the level of audio quality inside the helmet.

The collaboration with the historic RCF brand has been fundamental. RCF is a manufacturer of professional audio systems appreciated all over the world, from Hi-Fi to Public Address to large concert sound systems.

The four-handed work allowed us to bring a real concert in every motorcyclist's helmet!

Slide audio_Z2_C3.jpg

Our microphones

Starting from a basic microphone, our research has worked first of all to try to reduce all the external noises that disturbed the conversation.

In 2018, our engineers created the wind tunnel, a tool capable of simulating problems related to external noise and correcting them. In this way, the innovative MWE (Midland Wind Experience) firmware was born and the Digital Noise Killer was introduced. Thanks to this latest introduction and thanks to the Anti Turbulence Filter and the Noise Gate, Midland was able to reduce external noises such as wind or engine roar by isolating the voice of the interlocutor as much as possible and making the conversation inside the helmet more pleasant.

In 2022, our microphones took a further leap in quality by introducing Crystal Voice Processing: greater communication quality and stability for a crisp and powerful voice. Currently, the “Digital Noise Killer” and the “Noise Gate” functions reduce background noise by up to 80%.


Our speakers

Midland's goal has always been to give our bikers an immersive and quality audio experience. In fact, in 2018, the equalizer via app and the Hi-Fi Super Bass were introduced: in this way it was possible to have high fidelity to the sound and more defined and powerful bass. In 2022, thanks to our experience in the motorcycle field and RCF's experience in the field of sound, we created the first and true professional speakers:

  • More defined bass, thanks to the adoption of a new custom speaker, driven by power and processing

  • A greater understanding of speech: 50% more intelligibility in noisy conditions

  • Professional sound, obtained through the use of a Digital Sound Processor (DSP), optimized for a perfect extension in low frequency and general linearity of the audio signal

  • 40mm round speakers with PEEK membrane designed to support maximum clarity and definition of sound

  • Earcups that improve sound performance and low-frequency perception thanks to the memory foam heart and the Protein Leather lining

“If you ever attend a live concert, it doesn’t matter if you are a Metallica, Shakira, or Lady Gaga fan… You have just experienced the powerful RCF sound system. With these intercoms, the common goal of the cooperation between Midland and RCF was to create the best sound possible for your motorbike intercom system, bringing a concert inside of your helmet!”

Fausto Incerti - RCF General Manager


The desire to continue improving the audio inside the helmet continues also in 2022 with the development of two new intercoms, always in collaboration with RCF:

  • BTR1 Advanced - intercom that allows 4 people to communicate with each other, motorcycle by motorcycle, up to 1.2 km away in Conference mode.

  • Rush RCF (available from October 2022) - thanks to the advanced audio system and Mesh technology, it is currently the most complete and innovative Midland intercom in the range.


Don't miss new Midland intercoms and live an unprecedented audio experience!!