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The motard is versatile and multifunctional by nature, and for this reason is one of the first choices of Midland fans.
The motard is black and showered with the famous Midland logo, to remember years and years of communication on wheels, on every road and route. 
Composition: 100% polyester.
VAT incl.

Availability: Yes

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A versatile motard that becomes other objects?
Yes. That’s exactly what we mean. 
Midland’s motard not only protects you from the wind when you ride on your motorcycle, but can do this as well when you get off of your wheels.
Use it as a bandana, as a balaclava or as a hair band when you run. Is it cold outside
Use it as a scarf or as a cap.
The versatile 5x1 from Midland.
And you? How would you use it?
Write to us and we will write your idea in the description.

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