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MIDLAND BR01 - Business Radio

Midland introduces the BizTalkTM line, designed mainly for small businesses. Robustness, high mechanical and electronic reliability and and an easy use make BR radios the perfect choice for those who need to communicate at work. Midland BR01 stands out for its extremely compact design and simple and clean lines that allow the radio to be used in a simple and immediate way.
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In every company, an effective internal communication is pivotal to reach goals in a scheduled time. Surely we can rely on laptops and smartphones, but they can not match every business requirement. Many obstacles stand on the way of communication: a weak signal, a lack of power supply, or real obstacles like distance or thick walls may prevent good communication from stepping in your everyday business.
But now, with Biz Talk line, and BR 01 in particular, these obstacles are overcome. 
BR 01 combines strength and easy-to-use in a compact and linear design. 
Among the main advantages, BR 01 has a long-life battery, thanks to the 2800 mAh Li-Ion battery pack. 
BR 01 has 16 channels with 50 CTCSS and 232 DCS codes, that you can program directly from the computer using our Midland software. The range is up to 18,000 square meters and 15 floors.
Voice announcements will inform you about the channel in use and alert you when the battery is running out of charge.
Easy-to-use and strong, is BR 01 your next tool of communication?

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