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ET10 - Infrared thermometer

It measures body temperature very accurately, it can also measure the temperature of objects,
liquids (for example the temperature of the milk or water of the baby's bath), the temperature of the
food and the internal temperature of a room.
VAT exempt

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The ET10 scanning thermometer captures the infrared heat naturally released by the skin over the
temporal artery by means of non-contact scanning of the forehead, acquires over 1,000 readings per second and selects the most accurate temperature value by calculating the arterial thermal balance.
Point the sensor at a distance of 1/3 cm and press the button; the preferred area for measuring body
temperature is the forehead. Following processing, the thermometer emits a sound and light signal
corresponding to the data found, immediately informing the operator if the temperature falls within
the normal range (<37.3°), if there is a slight fever (from 37.4° to 38.0°) or if there is an alarming
increase and high fever. (>38.1°).
The ET10 thermometer is a useful tool for the rapid measurement of body temperature in the context
of a case history that involves screening in different contexts: health, domestic, public such as airport, school, hotel, public establishments, etc.
It is also possible to use it to measure the temperature of objects and surfaces.

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