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The DUAL MIKE WIRELESS presents itself as a classical CB microphone, but is much more. 
With this compact device you talk and listen without distance limitations, interfacing it with the CB TALK App.
Inside it there is a 3W speaker that turns it into a real "speakerphone" for perfectly safe use while driving.
VAT incl.

Availability: Yes

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Connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, the DUAL MIKE WIRELESS can manage normal phone calls, allow listening to music and, through the CB TALK APP, developed by MIDLAND and downloadable for free (currently over 500,000 drivers have downloaded it all over the world), talk with friends and colleagues - in turn connected with this application - without distance limitations.
The interface that appears on the screen of the APP closely resembles the controls on the popular MIDLAND ALAN 48 "CB radio" and the functions, even if digital and advanced, look really very friendly. APP support becomes indispensable on many occasions. The possibility of releasing geolocated "buoys" through voice messages in which to signal any road problems such as queues due to accidents, closed junctions, speed cameras and so on to other users, appears much appreciated.
To recharge it, in addition to the classic USB cable supplied, MIDLAND offers as an option a very convenient Docking Station, which can be positioned wherever you want inside the cabin, thanks to the three different supports supplied, and capable of providing the “microphone” with wireless charging.

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