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Packed with an elegant and professional case, including many useful accessories.
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When the night comes on, rhythm dictates the laws of the evening and the fun doesn't stop, but the unexpected can always happen.
What for some is an opportunity for entertainment, for others is a serious and responsible profession. For this a professional needs a reliable but aesthetically elegant and refined radio, like the 777 Pro, to fulfil its duty in the best possible way.
777 Pro has many high-tech features to ensure optimal communication during the night-life hours. First of all, 777 Pro has an EDDTM screen with white lighting, to display the channels well in the dark. In noisy contexts the Vibracall function allows you to hear notifications and the extra powerful speaker allows you to receive communications.
Another very important element of the 777 Pro radio is its autonomy: up to 14 hours thanks to the 1000mAh lithium battery. And if it needs to be recharged fast? Just use a USB cable and plug it into the appropriate side socket, or use the desktop charger.
777 Pro uses the new extended frequency, which increases the total number of channels: as many as 85 (16 PMR 446, with 8 new channels and 69 LPD)!
To wear it easily, the 777 Pro radio has only one pin input for all its compatible accessories (such as earphones).
And to act at speed? 777 Pro is activated vocally, thanks to the VOX function, which has 9 sensitivity levels.
Compact, elegant and high-tech. 777 Pro.

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