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Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider

Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider

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Hey MIdland Bikers! We wanna start the new year introducing you Andrea, our new ambassador! Andrea, aka DukaRider, is a total two-wheels lover who constantly discovers unexplored places and roads.

Hello Andrea, first of all,  thank you so much for giving us this interview! Let's start from your nickname: who is hiding behind @dukarider27 and where does this name come from?

Hello Midland!! Behind Andrea hides a 28-year-old guy in love with the  two-wheels travel and who is looking for strong emotions.

Duka nickname dates back to many years ago and is not tied, as in many people think, to the “DUKE” motorcycle.

When I was a kid my grandparents took a Husky with which I had a strong and unrepeatable relationship. Despite not living with me, when I went to spend holidays or weekends with grandparents, he never left me. I still remember when he was hiding under the covers with me.

His name was Duk and since my grandmother Mariska always told me, laughing, that my ways were as raw as a Duke's it came spontaneous to unite the two things into it by putting a K.

When and how did your motorbike passion begin?

My passion was born thanks to my grandfather Giorgio. When I was 12 years old he secretly let me drive a 125cc scooter without telling my grandmother of course! He had a strong passion for motorcycles and classic cars. 

Looking at your profile we can notice that you love to travel and explore new roads.. What are your favorite destinations and trips?

I actually found that the important thing is to travel, no matter where or when, because discovering new roads, landscapes, cities is always a cultural enrichment. My hope is to make travel my everyday job.

How did your passion for intercoms start and why did you choose Midland products?

Sharing the trip with your partners without sharing the emotion of it is really frustrating! That’s why I realised intercoms would be the solution!
I started looking for devices able to give me high-quality support in terms of appliances, audio, weather resistance and so on… And I came across a Midland BTX Pro! I instantly fell in love with it! I used it during my trips in Norway where it was always raining… It never left me alone and it kept working perfectly under the rainy weather.

What Midland product do you think every biker should always have?

Definitely intercoms because they help you communicate with your fellow travelers, they allow you to listen to music with good audio helping you to stay awake during your trips.  

Another important thing is that they are easily adaptable to your GPS, which is not something to be underestimated! It is known that while you’re travelling the streets are not always smooth so connecting the intercom to the GPS is not an easy thing to do! The Midland intercoms are badass in that! 

Okay Andrea, last question, then we let you go back to your beloved bike! How does Midland help you live your Biker Dream?

I told you guys about my future projects and you sent me the perfect gear to help me get them through the best way. So I hope to be able to communicate to my followers that you can achieve your biker goals thanks to a high quality gear!

Wanna know Andrea’s adventures on Instagram?

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Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider
Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider
Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider
Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider
Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider
Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider

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Unexplored roads: travelling with Duka Rider
14 January 2021


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