Communicate everywhere and whenever you need at no cost.
PMR446 two-way radios are the most advanced and efficient solution to communicate with one or more people at no cost.
Communication is immediate, with no need to key in any numbers or perform any other procedures,
by simply pressing the PTT (push to talk) button on the side. Range can be from 3 to 10 km (and beyond) depending on the land.
The Midland transceivers are extremely useful not only in a professional setting, where constant communication is essential, but also during free time, to maintain contact during excursions and trips, by bicycle, on skis, by motorcycle, by boat, etc.

The CB (“Citizens Band”) has been created to allow anyone (not a member of the army and/or armed forces, police, etc., who have reserved bands on which to transmit) to communicate via radio.
In Italy, this frequency band ranges between 26,965 and 27,405 Mhz, and is divided up into 40 different
channels. Transmissions, which are personal in terms of subject matter but open to all those listening to the
same frequencies, take place by means of “low power” appliances (by law, no more than 4W). For personal and amateur use, they are flanked by other “professional” type purposes.

The Midland Marine transceivers combine a hardwearing design with the reliability of professional
technical characteristics.