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MIDLAND G5C - Work-Hobby

Family,passion,work. Three essential elements that make a meaningful life. To help you manage them better, we have created the Midland G5C walkie-talkie that combines modern and practical design with an extraordinary performance thanks to two practical versions:Work and Hobby, designed for work and leisure, and Baby Monitoring, enhanced with the BabySitter function.
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G5 C, the small Midland radio, from today in addition to the blister version,
it is also available in the Work & Hobby version in a special full optional package, suitable for work and leisure.
A practical and elegant briefcase to carry with you to always have the radios available with their supplied accessories. Completely redesigned in aesthetics, G5 C has a new, more modern design and rubber side finishes for better grip.
Compact and light, G5 C is very practical to carry with you; it is a simple device with the main functions typical of PMR446 transceivers - such as VOX, Dual Watch and CALL - but at the same time reliable for your communications.

The EVA box includes:
2 different G5 C color transceivers: one completely black and the other black with red trim.
N.2 wall adapters
N.6 rechargeable AAA NiMH 1.2Vdc batteries
No. 2 microphones / earphones MA21 ‐ L

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