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Street Guardian GPS + is the car camcorder with built-in GPS that identifies geographically every second of your route on a dedicated map, containing the coordinates of all recordings.
Safety is therefore guaranteed not only by video and audio recordings (with integrated speaker and microphone) but also by monitoring the route.
Quick to install, Street Guardian GPS Plus is placed in the centre of the windscreen thanks to the handy suction cup and connects to the power supply with the 12 V cigarette lighter socket.
VAT incl.

Availability: Yes

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Street Guardian GPS Plus is a robust and compact car camcorder, with a modern design, that is able to record whatever happens while you are driving. A reliable witness in case of accidents or unforeseen events. This product is based on maintaining the original appearance of the vehicle and does not affect your driving and the view. If compared to the other car camcorders, STREET GUARDIAN GPS+ stands out for its exclusive design and perfectly fits inside the vehicle.

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