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ALAN 42DS - Portable CB Multiband

The portable CB transceiver “par excellence”, ALAN 42 DS, with new electronic components to give a unique audio experience. It is fitted with digital squelch, ANL filters and Noise Blanker that removes all annoying noises caused by sources outside the vehicle. A multistandard transceiver that allows selecting any European band and operate in all EU countries.
VAT incl.

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The digital squelch is the automatic adjustment of the squelch that avoids the use of manual adjustment; it is automatically activated according to the input signal received; the Noise Blanker and ANL filters, on the other hand, improve the sound and make it cleaner, eliminating disturbances caused by external sources or from the vehicle such as, for example, the noise at power on.
Among the various functions it is equipped with, we highlight the EMG function for immediate selection of the emergency channel, the high and low power (4W / 1W) selectable, the SCAN and Dual Watch functions.

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