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Even more functions than its predecessor M10. Large LCD screen, knob to change channel (also on the mike), display indicator of the operating band are the three features that make the M-20 model a really efficient multimedia CB. Like all Midland multimedia CBs, with this product communication is possible in wireless mode, thanks to the Bluetooth WA accessories, connected to the 2-pin socket.
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With the WA‐DONGLE adaptor the CB becomes Bluetooth and can be used remotely; then, to suit your needs, you can choose amongst the earphone/mikes of the WA family that make your conversations “private” and to ensure that you won’t be heard all around. Or you can plug‐in a traditional headset with 2pin Midland jack, it’s up to you! M 20 is an elegant M‐equipment, with a smart design and color that makes it very eyecatching. The USB port on the front panel lets you recharge your electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets, everytime you want. M‐20 is a MULTI standard transceiver that allows you to select many European frequency bands, according to the country where you are going to operate. M‐20 is also supplied with the EMG control for the the immediate selection of the emergency channel 9; while the DS/SQ knob eliminates the noisy signals in rx mode and allows to operate in Digital squelch mode. The ANL and NB (Noise Blanker) filters can be selected through the proper button. The elegant microphone is equipped with three buttons: ‘UP’, ‘DOWN’ and ‘PRI’ in middle. ‘PRI’ gives the instant access to the Priority channel that can be set by the user.

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