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The first multimedia CB launched on the market in 2016, allows hands-free Bluetooth communication (with optional adapter). Full compatibility with traditional Midland accessories and a USB socket to charge any device. Find below the features of the Midland M-10, the first multimedia CB produced by the people who have made CB history, Midland.
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M-10 is part of the CB Midland Multimedia line, to provide your communication with hands-free solutions.
M-10, in fact, uses a wireless connection with the adapter, to connect all the Bluetooth WA accessories.
M-10 is also compatible with all traditional Midland accessories and has a USB socket, right on the front, to charge your favourite devices.
Talking about the features of M-10, surely multiband channels and the LCD display with white backlight (White Bright Light ™ technology) are quite immediate to understand.
What else is inside this CB radio? The AM/FM switch, the automatic digital squelch, the selectable audio (internal, from earphones or both), the ANL (automatic noise limiter) and the Noise Blanker System, to filter noises and disturbances. M-10 has also the emergency channel 9-19, a pin socket for accessories, an external loudspeaker socket and 4-pin microphone connector.
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