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CT590 S - Entry Level

CT590 S, new and ready to scan all available channels! In fact, in addition to the traditional SCAN function,CT 590 S has also CTCSS / DCS function.
Check FM channels as well and find your favorite radio station, with the FM radio receiver!
Ready to scan?
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CT590 S is the new dual band Midland amateur radio.
CT590 S is easy to use, ideal for those who need a "basic" device but at the same time with several functions and features to be complete.
Robustness and reliability are guaranteed by the aluminum chassis. CT590 S operates on the 144-146MHz and UHF 430-440MHz VHF frequency bands and has 128 storable channels. The high performance guarantees excellent communications even on long distances, thanks also to the 1750Hz tone, to access repeater bridges.
CT590 S has a torch, an 87.5-108MHz FM radio receiver and 50 CTCSS tones and 208 DCS codes that allow you to create "sub-channels" to communicate with a small group of people.
CT590 S also allows you to customize your ID (ANI-ID) and to be able to send it during transmission (PTT-ID).
The LCD display has 3 different color backlighting to choose from, to be associated with the corrisponding use (reception, transmission, etc.). 
The radio can be programmed with the optional software, PRG-10, to set and customize several functions, as the number of channels, frequency, etc.​

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