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CT 3000 - The "professional" amateur radio.

Unlike the other models, CT3000 can be defined “professional” as it has 6 customizable buttons on the front (P1-P6) through which you can set various functions, and not only: 2 functions can be associated to these 6 keys at the same time, divided into 2 groups of menus. To guarantee excellent communications even long range, CT3000 boasts high selectable transmission power: 25W (high), 10W (medium) and 5W (low). Its metal chassis makes it an extremely robust radio, suitable for extreme situations, which also ensures better heat dissipation, very useful to prevent the radio from overheating. The IP54 certification ensures high protection against dust and splashes and also allows using the radio outdoors. CT3000 boasts the «flip» function: the radio can be rotated by 180° and the display will still be correct. The display is wide and multicolour.
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CT3000 is the first mobile dual band transceiver designed by Midland operating on the VHF/UHF bands 144‐146 and 430‐440MHz. CT3000 is a sort of «professional» radio as it is equipped with 6 customizable buttons on the front panel (P1‐P6) suitable for the selection of many functions. Each of these keys can be assigned 2 functions simultaneously belonging to two different menus. To guarantee excellent communications also in a wide range, CT3000 boasts a high transmission power selectable amongst: 25W (high), 10W (middle) or 5W (low). Its aluminum chassis makes of CT3000 a tough radio suitable to use also in extreme situations. The compliance to the IP54 certification ensures a high protection against dust and water spray and allows an outdoor use of the device. CT3000 is equipped with the «flip» function: even though the radio is rotated 180°, the indications on the display will correctly appear in either orientation. The wide multi‐color display clearly shows all parameters and settings. CT3000 is supplied with many functions such as the automatic digital squelch adjustable in different levels, the automatic turning on/off, TOT (Time‐Out‐ Timer), scan, dual watch and roger beep. CT3000 has 200 memory channels (customizable), 51 CTCSS tones and 104+104 DCS codes. CT3000 is programmable through the optional programming software PRG‐3000 cod. C1352.

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