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Midland G7 PRO is the radio for those who love outdoor activities. Hiking, airsoft, climbing, hunting are just a few examples of the perfect use of this walkie-talkie. A compact and elegant design that always accompanies you in your passions. Among the optional accessories you can choose the lithium battery pack to make it even lighter and more durable.
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G7 PRO has an above-the-standard core under a clean and soft design. 
A large display explains clearly the channels and all information. 
A long battery life is the strongest feature of G7 PRO: 3 hours in conversation and 28 hours in stand-by. 
But if you are looking for performances, you can opt for 1200 mAh lithium batteries* to make your G7 PRO even lighter!
The functions and buttons of G7 PRO makes th radio versatile and functional. “Side Tone” silences the noise at the end of transmission, while with PTT button you can choose a high or low output power. 
The audio quality has also improved in terms of our daily goal: to give you the #bestaudioever, or the best audio performance ever. What if you need to do some technical checks? A very easy system is G7 PRO shell, which is equipped with a hatch to speed up every check. The picture is really complete: aesthetics, functionality, resistance, battery life, all concentrated in the radio that will make you discover the fantastic world of communication without limits.

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