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MIDLAND, a brand founded in 1959 in a small factory in Kansas City, is today a world leader in the field of radio communication and consumer electronics.

MIDLAND is now a group that has currently more than 15 European and extra-EU subsidiaries, several strategic partners, and a distribution in over 90 countries, under the leadership of the Italian Headquarters based in Reggio Emilia.

From imagination to reality, our path has been characterised by passion and a hint of genius: that's how we built the first CB radio. From that moment on, our history began. We were there when your grandparents communicated on the truck at the time of the economic boom. Nowadays we are still with you when your ide off-road with your 4x4, when you travel thourgh half Europe with your motorhome and when you communicate with your intercom and your friends on motorcycles.


A cornerstone of Midland's strategy has always been the great attention to product quality, thanks to continuous investments in research and development. The R&D division, an enthusiast staff of professionals, researchers, engineers, consultants and firmware and hardware designers with years of experience, design, develop and test the lines.

Every day the Research & Development division carries out the company mission with great commitment: "Creating a world in which communication is simple, fun and available to everyone".

Consistently with the mission, MOVING COMMUNICATION is the pay-off that we have choose to embody the essence of what we do: create tools to make people communicate on the road.

Another flagship and pride of the company approach is the post-sales assistance with a personalized and attentive service in managing the specific needs of customers with efficiency and on time.

A success that has been lasting for 60 years and still does.




      • ETSI
      • CTE INTERNATIONAL is a member of ETSI – the European Telecommunication Standard Institute - a leading organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards fulfilling European and global market needs.

    • ETSI
      • ISO 9001 2015
      • Certification for the design, production and installation of telecommunication systems and equipment for industrial, military, civil, marine and consumer use.

    • ISO 9001 2015
      • CTE INTERNATIONAL is member of the ANITEC National Association Research & Development Commission, the Confindustria group of electronics and electrotechnical companies working in Italy.