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MIDLAND, a brand founded in 1959 in a small factory in Kansas City, is today a world leader in the field of radio communication and consumer electronics.

CTE International became part of its history in the 1970s thanks to a European commercial partnership and, in the 1990s, by acquiring a significant share of the American company, contributing to its worldwide success.

A group that today has more than 15 European and non-EU subsidiaries, including strategic partners, and distribution in over 90 countries, under the guidance of the Italian headquarters.


A cornerstone of Midland's strategy has always been the great attention to product quality, thanks to continuous investments in research and development. The R&D division, an enthusiast staff of professionals, researchers, engineers, consultants and firmware and hardware designers with years of experience, design, develop and test the lines.

Every day the Research & Development division carries out the company mission with great commitment: "Creating a world in which communication is simple, fun and available to everyone".

Another flagship and pride of the company approach is the post-sales assistance with a personalized and attentive service in managing the specific needs of customers with efficiency and on time.

Finally, the launch of the B2B and B2C e-commerce platform in 2014 demonstrates the choice to be closer to the consumer.

A success that has been lasting for 60 years and still does.




      • ETSI
      • CTE INTERNATIONAL is a member of ETSI – the European Telecommunication Standard Institute - a leading organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards fulfilling European and global market needs.

    • ETSI
      • ISO 9001 2015
      • Certification for the design, production and installation of telecommunication systems and equipment for industrial, military, civil, marine and consumer use.

    • ISO 9001 2015
      • CTE INTERNATIONAL is member of the ANITEC National Association Research & Development Commission, the Confindustria group of electronics and electrotechnical companies working in Italy.