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BPA 200

Product Details



  • Bluetooth adapter
  • PTT incorporated
  • Waterproof



Thanks to BPA200 any of the BT Line unit or standard mobile phone earplug available on the market can be connected to a radio.

The ideal solution to connect a radio to most recent helmet models with integrated Bluetooth connection, theBPA200 incorporates the PTT button, necessary to activate the radio transmission. The cabinet is completely waterproof.

  • Bluetooth Standard 2.0 (audio mono)
  • Max distance: 10m approx
  • LI-Ion rechargeable battery 360mAh
  • Battery life in conversation: 10 hours approx
  • Battery life in stand-by: 1 week approx
  • Type of Connector: Audio stereo 2,5mm
  • Cable Length: 1,5m (not elongated)

1 BPA200 with PTT key, 230V wall charger and 2 pin adapter
code C900