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Alan 42 Multi

Product Details

  • Portable CB
  • Antenna jack: BNC
  • Emergency channel
  • Multi standard radio
  • Power: 1W/4W depending on the country
  • Channels: it depends on the country (see page 32)
  • Emergency channel (EMG)
  • Keypad lock (LOCK)
  • Battery charge
  • High-low output power level (H-L)
  • Backlit display button
  • AM-FM selection
  • SCAN, Dual Watch
  • antenna jack: BNC
  • Operates with: 8 batteries AA or 12V
  • Audio accessories jack: 2 pin


CB type

Multistandard handheld




see table below

Frequency range

26.565 MHz - 27.99125 MHz

Power voltage

12 Vcc max

Dimensions (WxHxD)/Weight

70 x 140 x 30 mm/220 g (- batt)

Mic jack

2 pin



Sensitivity (20dB SINAD)

1,0μV (AM), 0,55μV (FM)

Audio output power

0.5W@8 Ω

Audio distorsion




Output power



AM 90% ±5% / FM 2KHz

Max absorbed current

900 mA

Alan 42 Muti:
1 radio, wall charger for 8 penlight battery pack, battery case for 6 penlight AA type alkaline batteries, battery case for 8 penlight AA type rechargeable batteries with charge jack, car adapter with SO 239 external antenna jack, scratch proof case, antenna, belt clip, wrist band.
Alan42 Multi C480.13